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Minimum wage workers in the state are set to receive a 10 cent increase in 2021 taking it from $8.70 an hour to $8.80 for non-tipped employees and to $4.40 for tipped employees.  Over the last couple of years, Ohio has been gradually raising the minimum wage in the state.  In 2020 the minimum wage got a 15 cent increase, in 2019 the minimum wage got a 25 cent increase, in 2018 the minimum wage got a 15 cent increase and in 2016 the increase was 5 cents.  The latest increase will start on January 1st of 2021.

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In 2006, Ohio passed The Constitutional Amendment (II-34a) increasing the minimum wage annually based on inflation.  If this increase isn’t enough for you there are plenty of employers around central Ohio that pay more than the minimum.  Many of the Amazon distribution locations are starting new employees at $15 an hour, Walmart has started a new program nationwide in stores that have sparked an $18 and $21 an hour wage that can go up to $30 an hour in Walmart Supercenters. Hobby Lobby is another retailer that recently announced a $17 minimum wage increase for their full-time employees.  Target had planned on increasing the minimum wage for employees at the end of 2020 to $15 but implemented it early.


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