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Finding a good swimsuit as a size twenty-six is hard. Finding a swimsuit that will comfortably cover your ample bottom area during the first day of your period, is near impossible. 

Enter Ruby Love

Crystal Etienne founded this Black-Owned swimsuit line ($89.99, which saved me on not one but two occasions when my period decided to ruin my vacation plans. Ruby love features a built-in absorbent liner, dri-tech mesh, and a slot for pads or pantyliners. The line is engineered to make swimming (or simply chilling poolside) with a pad or tampon comfortable. It is comfortable, chlorine resistant and available in up to a size 3X. 

This feature is great for young people or anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with tampons

I’m a fan of their bold one floral pieces but recently they have expanded their offerings into more solids, more modern prints, and even separates so you can mix and match them with other brands subtly catering to your cycle. They offer hipster, string tie, and classic cut options that can blend with any style of top. Ruby Love also has full skinsuits to accommodate jet skiing, surfing or any other water activities. 

The first time that I tried them I was on a solo birthday trip to Palm Beach. Shortly before I was scheduled to head back to my hotel I was having dinner at a nearby resort when my cycle arrived. Because I was alone I couldn’t borrow a tampon or pad from a girlfriend. Ruby Love allowed me to finish my meal without fear of an accident.

It came to the rescue a second time when I was enjoying a staycation with a close friend at the Asbury Hotel. We were sitting on the beach snacking on a fruit cup when my pelvis started doing familiar somersaults four days earlier than expected. 

My Honeypot tampons were back at the hotel but I didn’t panic because I was wearing a swimsuit with a slim opening to slip a pad into because the opening is slender it does not add bulk or stand out. I was able to take care of business and return to the sand before any crime scene level antics sprung up to ruin my day.

The next day I was able to enjoy working from a pool cabana without fear.


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