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Our sister station Power 107.5‘s own City And Misty Jordan have an ‘On Blast’ segment where listeners call in and put someone on blast for all types of things.  But this was the biggest ‘On Blast’ ever!  This transgendered woman called in a spilled the beans on a popular local DJ.  You won’t believe what she had to […]

VIA NBC4 In 2011, lawmakers proposed a bill to combat the issue, but it quickly died on the statehouse floor. Now, lawmakers are trying to bring life back to the proposed bill. On Wednesday, Ohio lawmakers asked drivers to tell their horror stories for a hearing about predatory towing practices. “College students are being taken advantage […]

  Below is a list of contest rules for each contest we have running on WXMG. 10/29 – 11/25 Website SignUp $20k Contest Rules Janet’s Jackpot  

This is great news! Those two students from Miami University that were tested for the coronavirus can breath a sigh of relief. The test results are negative! According to, the director of the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton said, “While we are pleased to announce these results are negative, we continue to […]