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If you’ve had some trouble finding women-led, Black-owned 4/20-friendly Instagram accounts to follow, then I’m going to need all of my weed heads to gather ’round for an important PSA. You tribe exists, and they have a wealth of information on all your cannabis needs. From dissecting the best strains to learning how to grow your own bud, there is a community of kin folks ready help you get lifted.

“Weed is from the earth. God put this here for me and you.Take advantage man, take advantage,” – Smokey  

A brief history in the evolution of weed.

New York State legalized cannabis in March 2021. Once the drug, and I use that term loosely, became legal, only businesses licensed by the New York Office of Cannabis Management could sell weed to adults. However, various smoke shops have popped up around New York, most operating illegally. 

For an earth-grown substance that generates mellow vibes, sparks creativity, and enhances your appetite, cannabis caused quite an uproar in the Black community. Up until recently, weed was demonized and weaponized against people of color. Black and Brown folks received extreme sentences for nonviolent drug offenses, but according to the United States Sentencing Commission, “As of January 2022, no offenders sentenced solely for simple possession of marijuana remained in the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.”

Why is this important?

Gone are the days of dialing up your weed man for an eighth or a quarter. Now, you can go into one of the many smoke shops that are over-saturating our New York City streets. Cannabis is legal, people want to get high, and business owners are capitalizing on the opportunity both legally and illegally. People can indulge openly without worrying about the negative stigma attached to it. For the population that deals with anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and other illnesses, cannabis is a recommended medicinal treatment. With a medical marijuana card, you can have a jar of Kush delivered to your front door. Weed went from a criminal offense to a wildly acceptable and somewhat sensationalized way to treat yourself mentally and physically.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand, it’s essential to educate ourselves on the responsible ways to partake. There’s a wealth of information out there regarding weed, the various strains, growing your own cannabis, and so much more. And if I’m going to learn anything at all, I want it to be from women who look like me, especially since people of color have spent years incarcerated for something that is so widely accepted today.

In honor of the weed-enthusiasts’ national holiday, 4/20, I’ve compiled a list of Black women who dedicate their platform to educating others on cannabis consumption and beyond.


5 Women-Led, Black-Owned 4/20-Friendly Instagram Accounts You Should Know

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1. The Canna Diva

The Canna Diva built a community of women that supports other women on their cannabis journey. From vision board brunches to sharing employment opportunities in the cannabis industry , this page is dedicated to empowering and educating women on all things weed-related. 

2. The Weed Auntie

If I didn’t already hold the Rich Auntie position, I’d definitely consider myself the Weed Auntie. Fortunately for the world, Solonje Burnett has that title, and she’s slaying it. Her Instagram page, The Weed Auntie, highlights legal cannabis dealers and various events around the city. She also offers dope merch for sale because—who wouldn’t want to be known as the weed auntie?!

3. Samantha Martin

Samantha Martins is a queer, Afro-Latina, weed enthusiast who uses her platform to help you channel your inner zen. When she’s not helping you find your center through yoga and meditation, she’s educating you on the best ways to indulge. She promotes the importance of self-care, regulated brands safe for consumption, and so much more.

4. The Dank Duchess

The Dank Duchess is a cannabis guru who can get high off her own supply because she grows it! If you’ve ever wondered how to grow weed, this is the account for you. She offers trainings, workshops, and so much more. 

5. Trella Tech

Speaking of growing your own supply, Trella Tech is a company that makes equipment for indoor farming. The CEO, Aja N. Atwood, is an engineer who specializes in plant training and growing cannabis. On her page, you’ll learn the best practices for harvesting your own weed and information on exclusive events that cater to all your weed-growing needs.