Fat Joe Meme

Source: @donnellrawlings / Instagram

Fat Joe took to Instagram to show off what he thought was a fire fit that featured him wearing those YEEZY NSTLD boots. However, Joe Crack didn’t get the sweeping praise he was surely looking for.

Instead, the Bronx rapper opened the door to waves of slander over his audacity to act like those glorified moon boots from the YEEZY brand are flames. Yes, there are people who think so, but please reconsider that decision.

Anyway, the fit itself wasn’t too bad; denim, a khaki jacket and a pink hoodie. “Waiting on the snow” was Joe’s caption for the pic he share on IG.

But those YEEZY boots got all the attention for all the wrong reasons. Some trusty Timberlands these are not. Soon enough, the photo went viral, and the memes started arriving swiftly.

Joe is in on the jokes and has even shared some of the memes himself (rocking the Star Wars light saber is hilarious). The rapper even took to Instagram Live to try to explain himself (and even threw sneaker influencer Mayor under the bus as the guy who sent him the boots).

The YEEZY NSTLD boots went for a cool $340 when they first dropped in November 2021 but are now going for two or three times that on resale sites. But just because it’s pricey, doesn’t mean it’s fresh.

While Joe’s sneaker game is forever elite, his boot game clearly took a hit. Peep some of the funnier memes and reactions in the gallery. Affion Crockett might have already won, though.

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2. Joe does have his supporters…