Yung Joc & His Faux Beard Gets Roasted By Twitter

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Jasiel Amon Robinson aka, Yung Joc, is not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to his appearance, but this latest decision might be his riskiest move yet.

The rap artist turned reality television star/radio personality has got Twitter reacting again. This time it’s not about the hair on his head, but the hair on his face. Photos of the rapper getting a haircut hit timelines and what has folks talking about the flicks is that Joc went from having no facial hair in one photo to having a full beard.

Now granted, Joc is not the first person to ever throw on a lace front beard or hair. The idea has been floating around since 2019 and had women say I know you f*****g lying.

It seemed like Joc was trying to make it a serious thing. In a recent Instagram Live session, the “It’s Going Down” crafter joked about his faux beard telling folks to “Put your face on Live for a thousand dollars.” He even looked like he was considering shaving it off before concluding the fake hair is here to stay for the time being.

But, it hilariously turned out to be some sort of prank becuase he did show up to work the following day, and the ridiculous-looking facial hair was gone.

Still, we thoroughly enjoyed the initial reactions to Joc’s struggle beard.

No lies detected.

You can peep more reactions to Joc’s beard install in the gallery below.

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It’s not worth it bro, lol. 




Live your life bro.


Lol, unbelievable. 


Joc isn’t afraid to take a chance. 




He definitely is.






It’s a talent many don’t possess.